Brightstar Software

An end-to-end app service

Who We Are

We are leading provider of innovative and price-competitive apps. We have a proven track record in delivering quality apps on time and on budget.

What We Do

We offer an end-to-end app service. From concept, to design, development, distribution, promotion, and maintenance.

Why Choose Us

We have years of experience in delivering quality apps on time and on budget. We understand mobile intimately.



We work with you to produce a clear vision for your app, resulting in a detailed requirements document and/or a proof of concept prototype.


We will apply our expertise in designing for mobile devices to produce a design that delivers your requirements, and takes advantage of the strengths of mobile.


What I do best is bring the designs to life. I develop high quality mobile apps that fully meet your requirements and which comply with best practices.


We will publish your app on the App Stores for you and can set up accounts for you if required. We can also manage enterprise distributions within your organisation.


We can assist you in writing a press release for the app, and distribute this to our journalist contacts, and assist in promoting the app on Twitter, Facebook etc.


Once the app has gone live we can automate bug reporting and continue to enhance the app and add new features based on feedback from you and your users.